My Love Story

Woke up at 8:00am, and got ready to work with sleepy-eyed man, slept less last night. I drove to work at nearly 9:00am with the mood of missing that girl again. I couldn't control myself again; i texted her good morning, and she replied same thing. I was not sure if she was OK to hear what i said to her last night[asked to be friend], i was afraid that i would hurt her feeling. That was better feeling to see her reply. Worked until noon, got lunch together with workmate and play war craft. Hey! i checked facebook for just minutes, i saw thavry replied me via posting status[she added me, i confirmed and said thanks]. My work went so smooth, leader assigned new task to work with sakal. Mr Wuddth called me at evening to ask about computer problem, we dated to meet at 5. Yeah! great thing helped me again! Cheata texted me that she was so free, and need me [;)]. We texted for almost hour!

Left work at 5, was waiting for MR Wuddth; but he called to cancel at 5:20, then i drove school. I studied contract law on Wednesday. The lesson was very interesting! i could catch almost parts of lesson, and this might be Cheata's message [:P]. At 6:40pm, during class, Cheata texted me be koh pich, because she wanted to meet me. At 6:55 pm, i left class and went to koh pich [lol, that's damn far!]. I drove koh pich with beautiful songs, and met her and her friend. I admitted that i stared at her friend, not her [lol], but i kept calm. Finished the conversation, we said goodbye! I drove school, and met the police. They were checking for illegal drug and weapon. Yeah! they checked me, because of one young police man pointed me to be checked [i think he knew nothing, lol]. The police checked and found only books, and let me go. Hey! Sovandara, my UC friend, shouted to call me. He asked me what happened, and i told him the story. Dara didn't have class today. We said good bye, i drove school. When arrived class, i saw my class monitor, name Vatey. She looked pretty [:P]. I spent almost half hour to stare at her. She's pretty [:*]. But she was MC at SEA TV, plus she had boy friend [as i know in facebook]. I could only stare at her.

Arrived home, and damn tired! Tagged a photo for Youdy (zero), because i thought it was emo people. She replied it was ghost and stated that please kindly remove this picture from tagging, [lol sorry i didn't know that]. I turned computer off and went to bed at 10:30pm.


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