Suffer makes us stronger

This is 3rd January 2013, i am writing my previous day, 1st January, for i want to start the wimpy diary from the first day of the year. So i'm starting from 31st of December 2012, it seemed to be exciting night for everyone, but not mine. That night, I drank at Mao Srey Vann restaurant, located in Toul Tom Pung, with two of my best friends, Sothun and Vandy plus another two friends of Ma ChanBorin; they are Rachana and C [french letter]. While having fun with all of them, I was thinking about a girl, Youdy (zero), who i love the most, compared to my previous ex-gfs. YEAH! WE GOT SOME PROBLEMS!!! Problem was: I was jealous her with her new friend Matt. We texted some messages, then she rang me phone, and we got a 20-minute-conversation; i was outside the restaurant to talk. She asked about the environment and that night's plan, and i did ask her about hers too. I really wanted to count down with her, so i asked her to wait me to count down with me together on phone, but she rejected me with suspended-reason. WOW! sounds so serious, suspended-reason! Yeah! That speech made me in very high temper. I suddenly, thought about Matt. "She's going to count down with Matt", thought i. In just few seconds, i kept it calm to talk to her, and asked her again to count down with just texting message. We ended the conversation, i went into the restaurant to continue the celebration of new year with the mood of death boy. My best dude, Sothun knew about my store and feeling, and he encouraged me to ask opinion from Rachana, my newer. Rachana explained me that GIRLS ARE JUST BRIDGE to be our goal, successful. He added that ECONOMY WILL CONTROL EVERYTHING. WOW! surprisingly, i almost got Youdy (zero) out of my mind after hearing that. We planned to go to KTV to celebrate the coming new year, but Sothun and Vandy had to be home, then plan was cancel. I, Rachana and Borin plan to drink at mart, but we couldn't. Everyone was full of beer [], so we decided to be koh pich. On the way to koh pich, i was texting with Youdy (zero) to celebrate the coming new year. I was stuck on the bridge for one hour, then i was asked to be home by Borin. I went to Dumex [My Brothers' office] to sleep there, i was texting with Youdy (zero) again to ask what she was doing, then we i said good night to her.
I woke up at 10:40AM by missed call of Mr.Wuddth, attorney of law, RULE lecturer, also former lecturer of my first brother. I checked my phone to see Youdy (zero) message, but there was none[lol]. Rachana helped me only an impermanent time, i again felt bad with a fresh morning. I was back home[SEA TV] to have bath and change clothes, and be back to repair Mr.Wuddth's computer. I had lunch at 12:30 pm with Dad, Pheara, and his gf. At 2:30 i asked Youdy (zero) by message, where and what she was doing. She said she would be Olumpic market to buy something, then i was there to be with her. I spent almost hour to find where she was[lol]. I saw her key chain and necklace again, and i swore i hated it[might be Matt gift]. We had some ice-cream at blue pumpkin and then back home, but i went office to finish some work. Kring Kring.... my phone was ringing[lol]. A girl, Cheata called me; we knew each other on facebook[i knew her before knowing youdy]. The conversation was awesome, it was about 50 minutes, but unfortunately i was still thinking about Youdy (zero). I was back home. There was nothing for me, just facebook, as hobby [lol]. I got a message from Youdy (zero) that we are going to have a meeting of IDLC on 6th Sunday morning. Again, she was talking phone with Matt [ :( ]. My heart was almost exploited, same thing, i kept calm and talk to her, enjoy her conversation. Few quaters of an hour, an activity(facebook) of Youdy (zero) mentioned she was in a relationship with her bestfriend [i didn't know who the hack he is, lol]. What i was thinking is that, she was trying to be on two boats at the same time. This relationship was to hide me and Matt. Damn!!! i almost forget. A post of her, mentioned that she felt change, but memory didn't [a sign for me to be back, i was no longer important for her. She could take her ex-bf out of her mind]. I had very much things to say to her about my feeling, and she replied with really less word like ok, yes, and what [lol]. She canceled her new relationship with her best friend. I told her that i gave up, she replied ok, and that was it [lol]. I couldn't sleep until 3 AM at that night. The feeling was very hurt!!! I tried doing some assignment to help this. Yeah! it worked! i could sleep. YEAH YEAH [lol]...
PS: I chatted to my best friend, Thay to release some illness; still, he told me that Youdy (zero) texted him a message for new year celebration. Then i realized that i was just a toy of Youdy (zero), she told me a lie since the beginning [she told me she hated Thay]. Sounds wimpy ha? lolz, that's about my true story.


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