Top 10 WordPress Functions that a developer will never miss

Are you a Wordpress developer? If it is a yes, do you know what are the most important functions to build your own Wordpress themes? Today, I'm going to list down the top ten functions, you will never miss.

  1. antispambot(): It will replace the characters with the HTML entities as a way to hide email addresses from a variety of attacker. 
  2. human_time_diff(): This function is used to publish the date of the post to be 'time ago' like for the use of every post or page.
  3. get_post_meta(): a
  4. wp_upload_bits()a
  5. get_post_field()a
  6. wpautop()a
  7. wp_is_mobile()a
  8. doing_ajax()a
  9. wp_redirect()a
  10. paginate_links()a


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