How To Keep Friendship Strong

Friendship is an important thing to almost everybody I think.some people find it hard to keep their friendship strong. These are sveral tips to deal with this problem. First of all, you should be dependable for them. You can give your friend a lift home when his motorbike is broken. Sometimes you are available to be asked the questions he does not understand. Another thing, being a good friend requires you to be empathic. You should understand each other’s feeling clearly so that you do not misunderstand one another. Moreover, you can share your good and bad things and cope with them together. Forgiveness for friends is also one of the tips. For example, your friend arrives an hour late when he said that he would come at 8:00 o’clock, but he has a good reason or excuse and say “I’m sorry”. If you get angry with him too much, do you think what will happen to your relationship? Therefore, forgiving for him is a good decision; just tell him not to do that again. Last but not least, you, as a good friend, should be loyal. Suppose that you need to go to a party, but your father is not at home. Then you ask your friend to borrow his. Do you think he will lend it to you if you used to take other’s possession as yours? That’s why you should show that you are a loyal friend that everyone can trust on, or your friendship will go to the end. All in all, strong friendship is easily to be kept if you folow my ideas above.


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