Causes of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the hot issues in Cambodia. There are several factors that lead to domestic violence. First, husbands are drug abusers. They are very aggressive, especially when they cannot afford the drug. As in one family, the husband was broke, but he needed the drug. When he asked for some money from his wife, she did not give him because she knew it would be spent on the drug, but then he became very frustrated and was out of control. He used violence in any ways onto his wife to get the money for the drug. Alcoholism is also one of the factors. Alcoholists usually lose their heads during the time they are drunk, they can do anything unconsciously. For example, when the drunk husband came home, his wife complained a little bit about his bad habit. Just because of the complaint, he committed the violence on her. Last but not least, the couples do not clearly understand each other’s minds. They do not know what their spouses are thinking and why they are doing such the things, and they misunderstand the situations, the behaviors, or the words. For one thing, Chanthou, the wife, complained to Samnang, the husband, that he should not stay out too late at night or drink beer too often. Chanthou always kept saying the words to her husband whenever he got home late. One night welcoming by his wife’s complaint, Samnang arriving home under the stress from work had a bad conflict with her. He was out of control, and he fought and hit her violently. Actually, Chanthou kept complaining because she cared about him, but he did not think like that. Also, Chanthou did not try to find out about her husband’s work – how stressed he got. Most of such misunderstanding is the result of arranged marriages. In conclusion, if you wish to have happiness in your marriage lives, you had better eliminate all of the points mentioned above.


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