How To Be A Good Teacher

A good teacher is the one who can lead the students to better knowledge and better attitude. How can he be a good teacher? First of all, the teachers themselves must be knowledgeable enough. They must know clearly about what they are teaching, or he will not be able to answer what their students are asking. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, they should do more and more research. One more thing, they should have modern and interesting teaching methods. As you know studying is not as exciting as playing football or listening to music. If they make the classes become boring, their students will not want to study any more. Therefore, they should have various kinds of class activities, like individual work or group work.  Also, morality is one of important things that good teachers must have. They have much knowledge, but their morality is low, so they still are not the good ones. For example, your teacher is rude, and he usually says impolite words in the class. This will make the students become as impolite as he is too. Last but not least, he should be punctual. You always leave home half an hour earlier than each class. Being on time shows that you are very good examples for students to follow. In conclusion, I hope all of the tips above will help you and anybody who would like to be a teacher become a good one.


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