Desiree’s Baby, by Kate Chopin

The story of Desiree’s Baby was started with Armand Aubigny, who came from a rich family in L’Abri and whose mother died when he was eight, married Desiree, whose origin was obscure; both of them were white then they had a baby boy who Armand really loved. However, everything had changed three months later, when the baby started to turn little black. Armand cruelly and unjustly let his wife and child leave home, for he thought she was from black race. Finally, he found that the one who came from the black one was no his wife but him.

One of many characters in the story that I like the most is Desiree. The first reason is that she was patient. As in the story, she stood one day against the stone pillar. The other thing, she was a calm woman. For instance, when her husband acted cruelly and unjustly on her, she did not have any conflicts with him but tried to discuss in a calm way.

What I have learnt from this story is that human being should not be rush into decision but should think deeply and try to find out the truth before doing anything. As I can see in the story, Armand let his lovely wife and son go away because he judged at first that she was in slavery race, but in fact, he was wrong, and the one who came from the black race was him.

Honestly, this story was boring to read at first, but when I read further, I felt very interested and cannot help finishing it. Therefore, I would recommend it to my friends, especially the ones who wish to be good husbands and good fathers.


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