The Effectiveness of ICT in the Library

After ICT has been set up in the library of Institute of Technology in Cambodia, it has eased the way that the librarians manage and administer the library; to illustrate they can work more effectively than in the past decades that most of the works were done manually. The arrival of the technology in the library, considered as the main book galleries, transforms the way people approach to their learning. The use of ICT in the library leads to a great achievement regarding to the academic study since students can improve their knowledge when using the modern library.

Students seem to find it easier to look for the sources which they need to extend their knowledge. For example, university students are inevitable to be assigned in conducting a research or any tasks required to surf the Internet. They need to read abundant of books for their literature review to further in their research study. In the past, they would come through a lot of difficulties to conduct each research; they found it hard to find the most fitted content books that to take as references or read for information to support their research because they had to look highly patiently one by one, so it took much more time to finish each research. On the other hand, the students at ITC nowadays find it easier to find sources to work on their research, for ICT in the library has enabled them to find the books more quickly and more conveniently since what they need to do is type the name of the books into a computer there, and it will recommend the books which are suitable for them to read for their research.

Students are capable to make a remarkable improvement in their study beyond the classroom. It is the fact that students may learn many things from the teachers, as well as their classmates, in classrooms. However, they might also realize that not all of their lecturers can express 100 percent of what they know. Therefore, to discover more and gain more knowledge, they have to search on their own, and the better and recommended place that they should go is the library. By the means of ICT, students can access to the outside world through the Internet in the library. Students will experience some new ideas from all nations around the world because on the Net, there are a lot of forums discussing varieties of subjects, so the students may know more knowledge and at the same time know whether what they are taught is correct or not. If they keep doing like this, it is guaranteed that the knowledge of the students will be enhanced and widely broaden effectively. 
Not only students are able to make a further understanding in their study, but also teachers can teach the students more effectively by providing more work for the students to do outside the class since students can cope with their homework or assignment in the e-library, but then when they face some problems, they can go back to their lecturers for some recommendation. For this kind of academic method, it is said to be the most effective way that students can gain knowledge which could alter the society they are living in to become better and better.  

ICT in the library not only ease the way the librarians secure and administer the books, but it also causes the studies of the students and the teaching method of the lecturers to go smoothly and fruitfully. Thus, the outcomes of the students after graduating would give a positive image for the development of their own society.


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