The Improvements after equiping ICT

All the problems have been better solved after the coming of ICT. Within ICT, the operation in the library becomes a lot easier. People do not need to perform tasks repeatedly but spend less time (few seconds) to do job that before required nearly three hours. The ICT not only reduces task burden but also increases the effectiveness and confidence.

Management (book flow, borrow, return, availability)
The library uses database system to solve the problem faced before. With database system, a librarian could control many works effectively. Database system provides the librarian enough ability to control the flow of books. With barcode, the librarian could complete the process of book borrowing within very few seconds. The database is the one which records accurately the date of borrowing and date needed to return. The most special thing of this system is that it lets the librarian know the availability of books, which means she could know whether or not the books are already borrowed by just searching in the system.

Toward the security problem, the central library of ITC uses cameras and alerting system to prevent insecure events inside the library. By installing two cameras at the place that the students leave their belongings before entering the library, it can be ensure the safety of the properties. Moreover, Cameras are also installed in some other parts of library to ensure the order in the library.  With the alerting system, the equipment composed of metal flat bars formed like a door, the librarian does not need to keep watching or checking people who leave library since the system detects barcode stuck inside the books and will produce alert sound in case that there is someone bringing the books outside without any permission.

Unlimited sources
To make library become the place that is rich of up-to-date documents, Internet services are provided inside the library. Apart from the hard-copy documents, students could search on the Internet, the endless source of documents. Moreover, the library also has the library’s web page for searching books online. Also, ITC has the e-learning center for students; they could access to the website and search for e-books at any time.

Administrative control
A machine for checking attendant is installed to record the attendant of staffs. With the machine, all attendants are recorded correctly and accurately. By detecting the member card and capturing the picture of the staff, the machine can record attendant. The attendant records are directly sent to database system to store in. therefore, the staffs are not able to cheat their attendants any more.


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