Drawbacks of the ICT

The system seems to have assisted a lot in the ITC Library after it was introduced to be present there; meanwhile, it has created some new issues for them to deal with. Those are waste of money and time and possibility of data loss during error-handling crisis.
After deciding to adopt this kind of technology to help, they had to spend money to purchase all of those kinds of equipment such as barcode machine, alert bars, and so on. Also, when using the machines, electricity bill must keep increasing. Furthermore, it was spend on hiring the specialist and some time to train the staff in the library to get accustomed to the new system. Moreover, whenever new books are brought into the library, still the staffs, human-beings, are required to manually input the details of each item into the system. 

Not only happened this small issue, there are some more possibilities of the system’s imperfections. In any awful case that there is an error in the Database Computer, all the process will be stuck in a terribly still condition, and no information is recorded into the system. Then some amount of money will be wasted on the specialists or the maintenance checks. Also, it is time-consuming if the problem is too weighty, which means the electronic process cannot be used to facilitate the library work – at that time this modern library will be surely transformed back to the previous traditional library so the earlier problems come to occur again. Another serious consequence is the data loss. If the error cannot be fixed and then the method of backing up has been already useless, the disaster must come into existence and everything will be in trouble. No previously recorded data are analyzed to contribute to the decisions of the managers in some areas such as stock selection policy, opening hours, so on and so forth.


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