The Effects of Human Trafficking in Cambodia

Human trafficking has many bad effects not only on the victims, especially women and children, but also on the society as a whole. Therefore, five consequences will be discussed in details in the following paragraphs.

1. Disease
First of all such the traffic will bring many different kinds diseases. The most well-known one is Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis and herpes. As you all have known, people are transported from one place to another. If ones who have already got the disease and were brought in Cambodia to be prostitutes, they will spread STD to men who have had sex with them. Those men will spread it to their wives, the wives to their children and so on.

    • People living with HIV/AIDS (2007) 75 000
    • Women (aged 15+) with HIV/AIDS (2007) 20 000
    • Children with HIV/AIDS (2007) 4 400
    • Adults HIV prevalence (2007) 0.8%
    • AIDS deaths (2007) 6 900
    • Source: Population Reference Bureau & UNAIDS

At the same time, the government has to cope with those HIV positive people, and we will discuss this point later.

2. Lack of Human Resources
The people with serious disease mentioned above will cut down the labor forces, for they cannot do anything to help the society. They have stay home to look after themselves or to be looked after due to the sickness; they cannot go to schools or workplaces. Moreover, the labor forces will be lost through the migration as well. As we have said human trafficking is related to the migration. When the migration is increased, the number of people there will be less than before. When there are less people, the human resources and labor forces will be lower.

3. Social Order
While the human trafficking occurs, the chaos in society emerges. Crime and kidnapping will be seen or heard on newspaper, televisions, radios, and any mass media. Some people think they could earn much money easily and become rich by selling humans, especially children and women. As a result, many children are kidnapped and many women are cheated to be servants, illegal workers, beggars, or prostitutes. Also, more illegal brothels will be set up. The kidnappers will sell those the victims they have caught to those brothels. Then the society will be worse and worse day by day.

4. Human Right

Human right is lost due to some activities below. The victims are kept in a confined space while being trafficked, such as a closed and dark truck. They are regularly forced to over work in dangerous agriculture, sweatshop, or construction conditions. Also, they have to sit in one position all day long, working in poor light or breathing in dust or fibers. Children, as the victims, are forced to have sex with many customers, which can result in sexually transmitted infections for them in the sex industry. Moreover, they are separated from their families and taken away from their homes to new areas. Meanwhile, they get severe isolation and domination while living in another country or region, especially where they do not speak or understand the local language.
All the points mentioned above will also result in both physical and emotional problems. For physical matters, they feel chronic back, hearing, cardiovascular or respiratory problems from endless days working very hard in the dangerous farming and so on. And they may get the STD, HIV, AIDS, rectal trauma and urinary difficulties from working in the sex industry. By the way, the victims’ feelings are also affected. They feel fear and anxious, especially when they meet similar situations as they met during being trafficking. Also, depression and mood changes happen at the same time. They may feel guilty and embarrassed to other people or even their close relatives. They may try to avoid from meeting people by hiding themselves in quiet rooms and sitting or sleeping alone. Furthermore, after being transporting, they might be really culture shock from finding themselves in strange country or area.

5. Slowing Down the Process of Development

The last point is the slowing down the process of development. For one thing, there will be loss of income tax because of illegal migration. As I have said, illegal migration and human trafficking happen at the same time. The illegal migrants do not pay the tax when they leave or enter the country. Moreover, the government has to spend time, attention, and large amount of money on the victims. As the victims are severely hurt both physical and emotional, they need to be cared, to be prevented, and to be cured. As the government of the country and of people, they cannot ignore those people, or let them died. That’s why, money and attention of the government are spent on them.


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