Difficulties of education without ICT

Since the establishment, the central library of ICT had adhered management and other control inside library just as the other libraries within Cambodian universities do. The problems happened in the library is not so far different from one another. Before the booming of technology, people need to do hard and boring work to reach their achievements. Librarians and other colleagues had to perform jobs repeatedly and faced with the same problems over again and again. It seemed like the solutions toward the problems did not give high results. These are the problems which were mostly met inside the library and hard to find solutions before the arrival of technology.

Management (book flow, borrow, return, availability)
One of the main problems facing inside the library is the controlling of book flow. The process of borrowing books from the library was not secure as borrowers are required to fill the forms on the paper. The accuracy of controlling book flow was in high risk. There could be any problems happening such as missing the place storing file, confusion, cheat… The model of filling up the form on the paper was not only insecure but also made the process of borrowing slow. Librarian could not control well whether or not the needed books were available, which made the students or others difficult to search for the books wanted.

Both the librarians and people who entered the library did not really feel comfortable or manage to concentrate on their work. The librarians had to watch out and keep watching whether or not the people who left the library brought along without any permission the books or possessions belonging to the library. Moreover, students worried about their belongings as they were not allowed to bring them into the library. Hence, we often heard the problems of loss of belongings.

Limited sources
Though we believe the library is the place stored documents, the source sometime is not very rich. Library are believe to be the place that is good for the students to search for old documents, such as mathematic theory and other finished research, but it was not so sure that library was the good place for the people who search for the recent documents. Before the presence of ICT most of documents in library were not up-to-date. Though documents were always added to the library, it seemed like the coming of documents was late.

Administrative control
Administrative control inside the library was the old style of office Administrative control style. This means that the library recorded the attendant of staff by using pen signature. This style of attendant control is not strict enough to make staff to come to work on time. Also, staff could cheat the attendant. They may ask someone to sign on the paper instead of them due to the fact that the signature can be imitated.


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