Case Study: The Use of ICTs in Library

Library is a place where students can get access to the burdens of documents – scientific research paper and publication – and to improve the knowledge through reading and nowadays searching on the Internet.

Background of the school and library
    The Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), founded in 1964 following an agreement of cooperation between Cambodia and the former Soviet Union, is an institution of higher education in Cambodia. Also, the center library of ITC was born at the time and later there are few sub libraries inside IT; library of civil engineering, for example.

    Purpose of working on the topic

      This study is raised up in order to analyze the process of ICT applied in the library and the effectiveness of ICT usage in education. This study is expected to illustrate the confront problems of using new technology, additional feature to ease the process of new technology, the improvement of educational field and prediction of future facility. This study also aims to share knowledge as well as other usable information on the sample of usage ICT in educational field, particularly on the library.

      Conclusion and Recommendation
        ICT in the library should be supported and promoted by the government in order to improve the education because nowadays arrives the advanced technology era when everyone is globally connected to each other to share the ideas, knowledge and skills to make individuals to become better to fit the criteria of their society, so the library is not only the place to give the sources in studying but also the place where people could go through the outside world and contact with different people to exchange knowledge.


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