Education plays very important role for social development

Education is the main factor for increasing the human resource in every country, but this factor still has many challenges to Cambodia nowadays, especially the university level. Truly, government plays very important role to control and to develop the education system, but it also needs the supports from the families and the students themselves. Moreover, as we can see the obstacles that are mentioned above, we should pay more attention to all these problems. As we can see that nowadays not only students who have just finished high school but also the old people continue their studies to university, so it shows that the society now is valued on the education. The government should encourage the citizen to continue their studies and also solve the social problems to the education such as the availability of universities (amount of universities), the safety, and numbers of scholarship provided and announce the advantages of education to the public through media, etc. Another thing, the quality of teacher is also important to make our education become better, so the government should pay much attention in selecting the teachers. In Cambodia now, the amount of university is still limited. Many provinces do not have the universities. There is only Phnom Penh that has enough universities. More important than this, the technology of the university that provides to student is also limited. For example, the computers or the internet for students can use in their study time should be equipped. Like when there is the time to study computer but students do not has the computer to practice, they just know the theories but don’t know how to practice. The other factor is the family; it also acts very important role in pursuing the education in university level. Parents are the ones who stay near the students and are the ones who give the most encouragement to students. The parents should support, both physical and mental support, the children study. The last factor is the students themselves. In some situation, although their parents have enough money to support their studies, but they themselves don’t want to continue their studies. It is sometimes because of friends; it means if they have good friends, they will do the good things, but if they have the bad friends, they will not go to school and do something bad. So these three important factors are really needed in order to develop the education system in Cambodia. If we still ignore these problems, the problems will be more and more serious. Therefore, we should work together or cooperate in order to develop our country.


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