6 ingredients to establish a school!

CLUE is a curriculum framework for all English learners that has high-quality and standardized educational system. Studying with CLUE, students will of course gain both practical and theory knowledge in order to successfully make use of what they learnt for their future. We serve students in the first place, meaning we offer the best things for our students to improve their learning by focusing on six essential principles as followed.

Strong Leadership:
In order to operate the school smoothly, we need to two main areas that can establish a strong structure of leadership. First of all, we must make sure that our staffs are qualified. Controlling and monitoring the school’s functions, the principal needs to possess most of the characteristics of a strong leader. He or she must at least have some adequate experience regarding to managing language school. As for the management team, who without doubts plays a critical role in designing the curriculum and the final exams, must have good qualifications considering a necessity for the everyday school’s activities. Moreover, teachers are another main components of the school. We should be very carefully in selecting the teachers so that the students can learn the most out of their classes. The second element in helping strong leadership is the school regulations. Even though it is a private school, students must wear appropriate clothes to school. Regarding the absence, students are allowed to be absent five times per one subject in one semester.

School Mission:
Our school’s main mission is to provide language competence to young and adult learners. Also, we hope to prepare our students for their future careers in which languages are being used a tool to communicate and to perform their functions.

Safe Environment:
Although it is not uncommon to see there is school violence in a school, providing the safe environment is still a very important factor to be taken into consideration. What we need to do is try to invoke the sense of unity so that the students and staff treat each other with respect. Moreover, if there are any student problems, we will identify and detect or solve them as soon as possible before they deteriorate into violence. Also, as we can see, some students become to cause any problems or violence at school because of some mental problems, maybe their family problems. Therefore, we have a school psychologist, family social workers, and some other special education programs to increase communication with students’ families and reduce tension of students. Besides these, in order to provide students with safety, we have to ensure the strength and the reliability of the building. For example, the handrails on each stair are strong and tall enough. We also have enough security guards to monitor around and control the bad situations if any happens. All in all, we try to make our school to be a place of hope where students could learn in safety.

Monitoring Student Progress:
Students will learn very well when they have a clear sense of what and how they are doing in their studies. That’s why, we have to find ways to monitor their progress. We have the teachers assign sufficient classwork and homework with feedbacks to promote students’ achievement plus several quizzes within each term to let the students see their strengths and weaknesses before the arrival of the final exam of the term. Regarding the test, the one for the final exam, all teachers from the same level will come together to all together design the test. In addition, we have report books for the students’ parents after each term so that they can see the progress – scores and behavior – of their children at school.

School Facilities:
All the classrooms in the school are provided with well-equipped facilities to smooth the progress of students’ learning such as Overhead projector, LCD, air-conditioner, high-quality chalkboard which does not affect students’ health and camera to monitor students’ learning in class. Moreover, we have two computer rooms (availability of internet assessment) and a big library work as assistances for students to further their understanding and search more information regarding to their study. We take students’ health into deep consideration by having a health kit room with general specialized doctor to help the students in any emergency case happens at school.

Extracurricular Activities:
Besides the physical facilities and material resources, the school provides outside class activities as a chance for students involve themselves in the society and put what they have learned into practice. We have decided to construct different activities in order to improve students’ four main macro skills. First of all, writing and speaking contests that allow students to illustrate their linguistic and communicative competence. Second, reading and sport clubs has been designed with free member registration for all students. Students can become a member in any clubs as they wish to join with free registration. Additionally, they can initiate and organize their own club in the school by just writing a mini proposal with specific goals in order to get permission from the school director.

All in all, our school will be operated based on six important principles. What we consider as importance is to nurture learners of all ages by giving a standard language training and education. Hoping to create a good learning environment, our school takes into account the safety of the learners. At the same time, we bear in mind that extra-curriculum activities can be of great help to our learners in acquiring their language competence. After finishing their terms at our schools, students are evaluated to observe their results in each of their prospective courses. We sincerely hope that our school can help those who wish to master their languages’ proficiency to achieve their goals.


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